At some point in the process of your home search, you have probably heard about the Homestead Exemption. What is the Homestead Exemption? It is a legal regime created to protect the homeowner in the unfortunate circumstance of homeowner and/or spouse’s death. It mainly helps to: (a) prevent the forced sale of your home due to creditors, (b) provide an exception from property taxes which can be applied to a home, and (c) provide the surviving spouse with shelter. You may file for homestead any time before the due date to get the exemption for that year. Some documents required for filing may include: the recorded warranty deed, the settlement statement, a utility bill, driver’s license number, and car tag information. Most counties require that the homeowner own the property as of January 1st to qualify for that year. If the property is located within City limits, the homeowner may be required to file with the city as well.

For information on how to file in your county, use the links and phone numbers below

Gwinnet County | 770-822-8800

Fulton County | 404-612-6440

Dekalb County | 404-298-4000

Cobb County | 770-528-8600

Clayton County | 770-477-3311

Cherokee County | 678-492-3311

Henry County | 770-288-8180

Forsyth County | 770-781-2106

Douglas County | 770-920-7272

Fayette County | 770-461-3652

Paulding County | 770-443-7606